Sunday 14 February 2010

Barge Dogs Feb 2010

Still loving our weekend and all its chances to get out and about. Mixed feelings though as we meet old friend "Storm"s (German Shepherd's) Mum out training a beige-pale GSD puppy to walk to heel. They live just over and up the road here, and Dad delicately asks whether this new dog is "as well as " or "instead of". Storm, who was 11, apparently developed a massive tumour in her chest and had to be put down on New Year's Eve.

This little new guy, Jake is the replacement, actually from the same breeder, and Mum is anxious to teach him to stop pulling on the lead before he's 6 stone! He was doing OK when we saw him, in a kind of loose-limbed, forgetful, distractable puppyish way.

We also say Hello to Ellie (My Sister) but only through the bay window. Her humans are out and she can't come out to play

Our walk takes us down past the barge (SB Cambria) and we are allowed on board. No end of nooks and crannies and interesting smells to roll in. Haggis gets well stuck in, treating the fresh deep sawdust as snow for making snow-angels, and comes up with a superbly orange nose. Sorry about the quality of these pics - they are off Dad's mobile phone.
Look after yourself
SB Deefer

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Diamond said...

That Haggis is a real Hot Dog - love the new orange nose.