Thursday 25 February 2010

International Dog of Mystery

Hey! Look at me with my world wide fan base - Mexico, Bahrain, Germany, Ireland, Oz, The US of A and Canada! And that's just on tonight's "last 20"

Mind you, I am convinced that 99% of these bimble in here on some link because of my by-now-very-wide ranging selection of key words / labels, and end up going "what's this old tosh I've stumbled upon?" and go away again, never to return unless by accident.

We've been at this now over 3 years and have covered a huge range of topics, so there are mountains of words and combinations of words, that will bring up little ol' me. I may also be one of the top listed sites for things I talk about a lot which are not covered by other bloggers - the Cambria Sailing Barge for example.

There are, then, a few of you I know who do deliberately pass this way and return, and thank you very much for that, but generally I chug along with about 60 hits a week, slowly slowly racking up my 8500 surfers ghosting through and and 5500 proper click in/out visits.

"Search Engine Optimisation" is a very clever science all of it's own, and when we were learning how to build websites (my Dad and me) one thing they told us that search engines "like" is if your subject matter commonly refers back to the subject / title ( which you obviously don't do if you are a spammer who chooses a respectable site name as cover, but is then trying to indulge in activities which are nothing to do with that subject!). They (search engines) also love regularly refreshed websites which this one, (barring a few gaps), most certainly is.

Nearly the weekend

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