Tuesday 23 February 2010

How Comfortable?

How comfortable does any one dog need to be? This is Haggis's latest sleeping position of choice, up on the pillows of Mum and Dad's bed, between their heads. He likes his head to be higher up than his body, so pretty much sleeping like a human. Gives the impression that he'd be even happier if someone was to tuck him in, with the duvet tucked under his little chin.

In another first for this blog, this picture contains Dad - well... the top of his head anyway, fast asleep.

Me? I like to be on the bed too, but in my case I hate to be too warm, so there's no snuggling up or being at all "under" the duvet. I like a nice cool, flat stretch out in my own bit, well away from anyone else.

Meanwhile, mildly worrying developments in the Diamond-in-Hospital saga; some new symptoms which might or might not be significant. With both Mum and Dad now snuffling and coughing through man-flu (Dad sold it to Mum as a going concern) there can be no hospital visiting at present, so we've got this from Diamond on the phone. Hang in there Diamond. We're all rooting for you. All except Haggis who is asleep, but he's almost certainly dreaming about rooting for you!


1 comment:

Mr Silverwood said...

Send our regards to Diamond hope she gets well soon, H really does look very relaxed in bed there, I wonder if he minded having his pic taken while he was asleep