Tuesday 16 February 2010

Monty and Theo

Two superb new dogs in the Rec tonight, both young and bouncy (almost too bouncy; I had to squeak a couple of times to pre-empt certain death). One a three year old "blue" Shar-Pei (more like a dark smokey brown) called Monty, the other a three month old liver-spotted dalmatian named Theo. They were full of beans indeed, but apparently the dally is keeping the shar-pei entertained.

One small problem - the shar-pei has delicate skin and the dally has sharp, needle like pup-teeth which quite often draw blood. The vets cannot sew the shar up, because of the rish of infection under the stitches. Fun and games!

Meanwhile, Diamond is still in that London hospital. Mum is cooking pancakes for Dad and John W, and Mum is winding Daimond up by texting her about all of us lot eating "her pancakes". She's had her "procedure" and we now await results. She is mainly "tired". As usual with Diamond, nothing runs really smoothly, and there have been problems with "lines". Still rooting for you, Diamond. Knock 'em dead!


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Mr Silverwood said...

Had pancakes ourselves last night, yummy, give our regards to Diamond