Wednesday 10 February 2010

Not quite finished

Winter, it seems, has not quite done with us yet, here in Kent, and tonight we are back with the bitterly cold NE winds and the flurries of snow. Some of them are pretty genuine, and in the cold evening air they lay and stay. It's just a dusting for now, but it gives a nice background to some snowdrops, daffs (tete-a-tete) and the Scots pine which had been racing into action thinking Spring had arrived. It also sends Mum and Dad scurrying off back to the farm shop for more coal. They'd been wondering whether coal-buying was done with for this winter.

It's also got me back into the blogging seat after a bit of a break. Haven't been in the mood, and with Dad suffering from man-flu (and we all know how deadly that can be!), he's been unable to chase me to post stuff. Well, here we are back.

Diamond is, meanwhile, now in the ultra-specialist Hospital in London for a bit of a make or break serious one, so our thoughts are with you Diamond. Mum will be up to visit, but Dad, in his current red-nosed, hawking, pathetic state would not even get through the portals before some big ex-Army physio nurse rugby-tackled him to the ground in the name of Infection Control.

So, we have a NE wind, falling snow, a coal fire and Mum creating something delicious in the kitchen. What more could we all want?



Mr Silverwood said...

Welcome back Deefski, was wondering where you got to

Diamond said...

So glad to know you're still around Deefer, you were missed.