Monday 31 May 2010


I am saying very little about this first picture; only that Dad was sweeping the chimney and I'd heard that it was good luck to get soot on yourself. In my case all it seemed to result in was another dive into the shower and a shampoo.
The other two pics are of us pretending to be barge dogs, on the shiny new decking of the SB Cambria. It has been reported that while the H was strolling around completely chilled at this new environment, I was slinking around nervously with ears lowered and tail down, body low to the woodwork. Outrageous.
Hope you're all keeping well. I've not been very good lately at posting, but hang in there. I'm still here and will put paw to keyboard every now and again.
Look after yourselves

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Mr Silverwood said...

The colour actually suits you.... that light gray'ish