Sunday 9 May 2010

Sheerness Docks

Ever unpredictable, this blog tries to keep the reader on their toes. This is presumably also the intention of the makers of Pringles. Mum likes a Pringle, and the flavour of coice is usually the green tub, sour cream and onion. She barely noticed but as she picked this one up in the local co-op it is actually a St Patrick's Day promotional pot. 2 months out of date maybe, but still in date-code, so we're guess they are trying to clear some stock.
We never see these on St Patrick's Day, and I suspect that as this town is not known for its Irish community (all be it there are some very significant Irish folk living here!) they are probably not shipped here in great numbers. Nice though.
I give you, too, a nice pic of Greta moored alongside Raybel. We think they may be waitingon the Medway barge sailing match which is coming up soon. Normally by now Greta would be resident in Whitstable and doing her chartering. She is also, we know, engaged in the 70th Anniversary celebrations of the Dunkirk evacuation. Skipper/owner Steve Norris takes the barge over with some WW2 Dunkirk veterans as passengers.
Finally, there is a picture for Mr S. This is a genuine sailing barge windlass, as used until 1970 for winding the big powerful winches on the SB Cambria's decks to haul up the masts, raise and lower sails, raise and lower leeboards, and drop and weigh anchor. Just to get you all nostalgic, Mr S.

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Me Silverwood said...

I must admit I recognised it as a windlass as soon as I saw the pic, but did think it looked a bit different with the ovals instead of squares.