Thursday 6 May 2010

Llew's place

For our walk today we are loaded into Clara Bow and taken to Llew's place to get the car's exhaust pipe fixed. It's rusted through at the front end and the old girl is farting like a Night shift warehouseman (says Dad, and he should know). This means a fine opportunity to check out the out buildings and disused greenhouses around the workshop where plenty of rat and mouse smells (not to mention chooks) are to be found.

At one stage Dad has to shut me up a couple of times because I am convinced there is something down a gap between two sheets of wood, and if I shout at it from one end, then run round to the other end it will dash out into my teeth. Unfortunately, all I attract is the "company alsatian" who comes and pays rather too close attention to my rear. I am happy to come that time when Dad calls me back to the car to check I've not wandered off too far.

We haven't mentionned Diamond lately. You'll be pleased to know she is home and pretty much declared "stable" by the medics, although she still has to attend either King's in London, or Kent and Canterbury for blood tests. The marrow transplant has basically worked, and she is now looking forward to a life of relative calm and leisure. Officially signed off from work now she does not have that to worry about, and is starting to talk to Mum again about shopping, clothes, pedicures and other stuff what ladies worry about when they are being Laydeeeez. Good luck Diamond and welcome back to the happier side of life.

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Mr Silverwood said...

That's great news about Diamond, wish her well from us over here.