Saturday 22 May 2010

Medway Match

3 interesting pics for you today. First up the Paulownia tree (Foxglove tree) in our garden which is having a superb year this year for flowers. Got as a 12 inch twig from Pud-Lady about 15 years ago to get the new garden off to a new start, it is now a good 15-20 feet high and about 15 feet across. It is currently starting to shed flowers, which land all over the greenhouse below.
2nd, in the pond, Mum has recently brushed aside the solid layer of duckweed, to expose the clear water below, and you can now easily see our thriving population of newts. Common Newts, we think. Very plentiful, anyway.
And today, Dad trots off after a sustained burst of allotment digging in the cool of the morning, to catch up with the Medway Sailing Barge match which starts at Gillingham pier, goes down the Medway and out into the Thames estuary, and then back up to where it started from. It's not an easy one to see from the shore as most of the Medway is fenced off for docks and wharves, but if you drive to Sheerness and wander along the beach westward from the seafront carparks, you come to Garrison Point where you can get some good views. This shot is of SB Edme (right) overtaking SB Reminder (pale grey hull) on the run back to the River mouth after rounding the buoy out in the estuary.
Meanwhile, it seems the Silverwoods have definitely taken the one yorkie home as a pet. He is named Coco. Catch up with you soon Coco. Enjoy yourself.


Mr Silverwood said...

Love the pics, and yes he is here, new pup is here, slight heart mermur but nothing the Vet thinks is too serious.....

Tim Hopper said...

Great photos, Deef! Especially love the newt!

Best Regards Anon,

PS. I've long been meaning to ask, but keep forgetting.. why still no profile pic of your good self? Not that it needs to be you - mines currently a moth!