Friday 21 May 2010


2 pics today which definitely need explanation. While Mum and Dad were over in Ireland, Haggis and I almost might have ended up with a little baby brother. Just down the road from the Silverwoods, lives a lady who breeds Yorkies and who is, in fact, the breeder of Steak Lady's "Rosie" dog. While they were there this lady happened to have a litter at 8 weeks old, with 2 unsold boys.
There was some inconclusive talk of Mum and Dad having one of them, and the Silverwoods having the other, to replace the aging "Chance" who is looking more and more ricketty every time they see him (He's believed to be about 17 now, but no-one knows for sure as he was discovered originally in a dustbin in Maidstone as a young dog, hence the name).
However, the plan, which involved the Siilverwoods bringing him over when they all meet at the narrowboat would have meant a very young pup having to stay alive through a week of chaotic narrow boating en-famille, not to mention the prospect of it pee-ing all over the hire boat. They had almost given up on the idea when, at the big family gathering for which "we" were over, Steak Lady arrived, heard about the pups, met and fell in love with one, despatched Steak-man to a cash point for the folding stuff and bought the little mite there and then. Job's a good 'un!
Mrs S may still have the other one.
Meanwhile, Mum and Dad sneak off last night yet again leaving us to the tender mercies of Angel B and Jim, off to the Wembley Arena to watch Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood. They come back bubbling with enthusiasm about how good it was. The pic is a very poor mobile phone shot in which the tiny distant stage means little but you may be able to make out SW (left) and Eric (right) on the big screens either side of the stage.
Have a great weekend.

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Tim Hopper said...

top pic, big ahh! not so sure about second.. me's looking forward to seeing the mighty croak/zim at hop farm in July..