Saturday 3 March 2012

Fiddlers' Green

They say there is always a memory to put to a tune - you maybe always know what was playing on the radio when certain significant things happened in your life, or that when you hear a song it always reminds you of something or evokes a smell or a memory. Well, if there are 2 tunes which we will always associate with this house building project, then they are 2 'new' hits which have been played to death now on our little radio on TODAY FM, the station of choice. The poor ol' radio is now splashed with plaster and bonding agent and well covered with sawdust and brick bits, bruised by numerous encounters with falling off stacks of joists or precarious perches on top of concrete blocks but still pumps out Ray Darcy, Ray Foley and Ian Dempsey (RD and ID are indeed, two disc jockeys who Mum and Smokes remember from their own youths anyway). They are Goyte's "Somebody That I Used to Know" which is on

and the Black Keys "Lonely Boy"

More bizarrely, Dad says he has an 'ear-worm' running round his head since watching and listening to the barge film "Red Sails" which featured the sailing barge Cambria and included a bit of old bargin' celebrity, speaker and singer Jim Lawrence. Jim sings the well known sea-faring classic "Fiddlers' Green" but in Dad's ear-worm version the words 'Fiddlers' Green' are substituted with Roscommon town name "Ballaghaderreen".

All together now!

As I walked by the dockside one evening so rare
To view the still waters and take the salt air
I heard an old fisherman singing this song,
Oh take me away boys, me time is not long

(chorus): Dress me up in me oilskins and jumper
No more on the docks I'll be seen
Just tell me old shipmates I'm takin a trip mates
I'll see you someday in Ballaghaderreen.

Ah well

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