Sunday 11 March 2012

Slabbing nearly done

There are two main news stories on the house build for this week, good progress on the slabbing out and the arrival of the new stairs. Slabbing goes well with the top floor all but done and some good progress on the downstairs. Dining room and living room have their new ceilings as does the bathroom. Only the kitchen remains but we can't do that till we have sorted the shower and its waste pipes. The big ugly wall at the eastern end upstairs is now rendered and covered up with stud wall and slabbing. The living room has all its thermal panels and some have gone into the dining room.

Sparks has developed a neat way with paneling into the deep window reveals (the walls if this house are 50 cm thick!) which he has now shown to Dad and Dad is doing the last few on his own. Sparks the turned his hand to creating smooth cement beds in the window sills that will take the tiles. Mum has chosen some very nice sandy coloured 60cm square ceramic tiles for the ground floor and the same tiles will be used in window sills and the bathroom. Upstairs will be sanded and varnished floorboards.

As the slabbing starts to turn the place into a very believable house we are almost ready for the plasterer(s). Midnight Joker is booked to come and price up the job on Monday. We think he'll be impressed by the changes and the works. Last time he was here, to do the concrete floors we still had the old joists and stairs and not an insulated panel in sight!


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