Sunday 18 March 2012

Lawn Mower and Mitre Saw

The usual collection of pics to catch you up on what's going on around the main story of the week.
1) Dad gets involved in the cutting out of the wells for the electrical socket boxes and the fitting there-of. This is technically part of first fix electrical but Sparks says he's done a million of these in his life and has no issue with the apprentice handling these. They are all fitted standard distances from the finished floor, levelled with a spirit level, especially if they are in a row, and spaced a standard distance apart so that they look the business. Sparks is very particular about this (and everything else) and Dad is keen to do what he's told and impress. It is signed off as an acceptable job.
2) This week's new toy, a 'mitre saw'. This designed to cope with sawing to standard angles, so should be good for door frames, architrave and the spindles that make up the stairs bannisters.
3) With some time to spare on Monday morning and the lawn mower now un-buried from behind its pile of thermal panel boards (we're working our way through them, using them in the house) Dad decides to give the lawn a mow. He has half a tank of gas and 45 minutes and this proves enough on both scales to complete the front lawn, which is good to know. "Lawn" looks quite neat afterwards, too.
4) Any pile of rubbish dug out from this house and garden seems to contain more than its fair share of bottles and jars. Not all of them are booze, some are farm animal medicines and stuff like milk of magnesia but we wonder why they'd never heard of recycling.


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