Sunday 4 March 2012

Named and labelled

The usual collection of random photos to catch you up on some of the bits happening off the main stories.
1) Outside of the main insulated house-within-a-house we would still have the possible problem of frozen pipes so these pipe runs in the loft area against the roofing felt and slates get individually wrapped in foam sleeves before the whole is covered in insulation.
2) A vital part of first fixing is keeping a track on where the cables and water pipes run, else you'd be all slabbed out and looking at a dozen anonymous ends of Qual-pex pipe or NYM cable. Visions of having to blow puffs of breath down each in turn while a mate ran round the house listening to see where your puff came out! Sparks's meticulous solution is to name all pipes and cables by writing on them with a sharpie.
3) On Wednesday the broadband hub arrives from Eircom (Irish telecomms company) and we can go onto broadband. Mum can now 'work from home' at Roscommon and will still be able to do 'catering contractor' to Dad and Sparks. And keep an eye on them.
4) As part of improving the walls to take the panels, Dad learns a new skill, that of rendering a chimney breast with a hawk and float. Like mud pies for grown ups.


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