Sunday 18 March 2012

Final round up

And now rounding up some final pics which I don't think I've included yet. The blue item (really white, but covered with blue protective film) is the enormous shower tray which is now laid in place in the bathroom so that the boys could measure up for the waste outlet. It's 160 by 80 cm, enough space for a party!

The other two have to do with the fact that the floor tiles have now been selected and delivered. They are 60x60cm (2 feet by 2 feet) and pale sandstone pattern with an eggshell finish. They are to go across the whole floor of the place downstairs, the bathroom floor and the window reveals, where they should bounce a fair amount of light back up into the rooms from the rather low windows. Dad and Sparks have been trying them out as a dry-run (they won't be laid till the plastering is complete). In a house where no wall is straight, or parallel with any other, or perpendicular to any other, you just have to go with what "looks right" as seen from the front door, or when looking from one major room to another. The boys laid these out roughly, then settled on a position, marked it with a tight string, then spraying yellow 'speedline' paint over the string so that the string created a dark "shadow" line on the concrete. Cunning. We now need Mum to see these lines and agree they look right.

That's it for this weekend. My paws are weary from all the typing.

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