Tuesday, 28 April 2009

1630 Club

Dad had promised Mum a walk in the bluebells, and he sees that on his way home from work, in the sunshine they are getting to be at their best. Unfortunately the sun is sneaking in between some black clouds and it's only just finished raining hard, so Dad opts for that walk tomorrow, and today we head for the Rec with the tennis ball for some chuck-about.

By then, of course, just to be cuss-ed, the sun's come out fully and it's a warm breezy evening. Everybody's out. We meet the gorgeously marked Alsatian "Star" who first appears in this blog as a pup last year. Fully grown now and only now getting over a real nervousness around other dogs. She's OK now and quite happy to pirate my tennis ball when I steal hers and soon, her Dad with one of those long plastic whippy "spoons" is chucking both balls in opposite directions to keep us both amused.

Further up the Rec we coincide with a whole series of other chums all being walked and at one stage we have 12 dogs milling and chasing about round the feet of 5-6 humans - the three of us, plus Mick-the-Window-Cleaner's 14 year old westie Misha, another boy westie called Barney, out with scruffy JR cross Chihuahua "Smudge", another brown and white JR Bob and Bindy (poor girl is on lead-exercise only following a leg operation). There's sleek black collie cross Ben, and another couple of collie-sized crosses, Mollie (black and white) and Evie (brown), and a couple of young Springers who pass through. It's a proper meeting of the "16:30 Dog Club".

I need a lie down!