Friday, 17 April 2009

Great Timing

Didn't Dad do well with his timing on getting all those seeds and plants into the allotments over Easter. It was warm and dry following on from the cold snap, and the soil was crumbly. He got loads of stuff in over the break, from seeds of parsnip, carrot, chard, beans, beetroot, peas and salsify, along with the seed potatoes and the onion sets

It's rained the "warm refreshing" ever since - a couple of hefty thunderstorms over Tuesday and Weds evenings, and then goodly quantities of rain through yesterday and the day before. The seeds, plants (and weeds) alike will be rocketting up through the soil.

Meanwhile, talking of timing, we are all, pleased to report that the old 2CV electrics are now fixed and she is good to go. We can thoroughly reccommend the gentleman genius at Square Deal Autos in Chislet Business Park - me I don't understand all that stuff around negative pulsing and feild windings as I'm only a dog (and I'm not convinced Dad wasn't just nodding sagely to please the old guy) but we both could cope with the more basic mechanicals - "The metal fan has sliced through this wire and the short circuit has melted the voltage regulator".

So now she's fixed and good-to-go. Only 400cc, so it's 40 mph max along the flat, level Thanet Way dual-carriageway, but in the ups and downs around Blean she's barrelling over the pots and ruts and touching 50 on the down-slopes. She's a car for the lanes, and "bowling along" rather than the motorways, that's for sure.

Take away tonight. Have a good weekend

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Hope you enjoyed the take away