Thursday, 23 April 2009

Still not really ready

The skies are blue, there's no wind, and the temperatures are up to the early 20's. Mum's been at home all day working on an OU essay - usual story - mad panic across the last 48 hours, so she's taken time off in lieu (TOIL) and is sitting out on the terrace all day, in the sunshine with the lap top. That's good for us, as we have all day access to the garden, but we don't get very far with our requests to be made a fuss of, so we're delighted when Dad comes home and suggests a walk in the forest, to go look at the bluebells.
To be honest, they are not really ready, and could do with 2 more weeks of fine weather to get them at their best, but it's a nice walk in the forest anyway, and we can dawdle at Meg-speed as we are not leading any members of the public this time. So, that's me tiny in the big sinuous track, and back-lit in a rather handsome way, Mr H "stacked" with darker bluebells in the background, and Meggie with her nose down in the clump, whiffing the heady scent.
Stamp Man, by the way, sis come out of hospital, to every one's relief and is now back home. Meanwhile, in the Home for the Bewildered work on the building itself seems to be done, and the Geordie "roofers" are now car-park constructors, kerp layers, and pruners of the outside of Dad's beech hedge (yay! result!).
They are soon to erect the final fence round the outside of their car park (and thereby erect a new fence for the outside of this garden. Can't be bad! Looks like they may be able to spare a young ash tree, too, which is growing technically outside our property, but also now outside their new fence - technically a no-man's land ash.
Nearly the weekend

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