Friday, 10 April 2009

Nice day for a... white wedding

Good Friday, but Dad works in the "depot that never sleeps", so he's in in the morning. Big day for one of his colleagues today - Ebonie's getting married. The forecast is not good and, as part of the do, the happy couple have booked an open-top horse-and-carriage ride from the wedding venue to the evening "do" venue - a few minutes by car but an hour and a quarter by h+c.

Luckily the weather, here at any rate, holds off and it's sunny for several hours round about the time of the ride. We know this because Dad grabs the chance to head for the allotment with chitted spuds and onion sets all in need of planting. We aren't let loose at the allotments at present because too many plot holders have finely manicured tilths and perfect rows of seedlings in seedbeds, but we're taken up later on our walk, so we can see the results of his labours.

There's another squirrel taken up residence in the rose and honeysuckle tangle on the back of the house. It's a small and probably young animal, so is way too agile for us, and drives us mad by scampering towards the house, in full view of the back windows, along the top of the neighbour's fence. We can only squeak and hop about inside, driven mad by frustration.

Ah well, it just remains to wish Ebonie and Craig all the best so, in yer best cock-a-ney karaoke voices-ah! Orllll togevvah nah !

.........I gotta be there in the morning - ah!
Spruced up and lookin' in me prime.
Some bloke who's able
Lift up the table,
And get em to the church on time! ah!
If I am flying
Then shoot me down.
If I am wooin'..... etc to fade.......,

Deefski Doolittle-Ah!

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