Saturday, 25 April 2009

The same size

It's great to meet dogs the same sort of size, build, speed and keenness to play ball as myself. makes for a nice exciting walk for me, and lest everyone else chill out while we all get exhausted. So it was this morning when, chasing my own tennis ball thrown by Dad I spotted, out of the corner of my eye, red and white English bull terrier Poppy in hot pursuit of her own ball, chucked by her owner. I chased over and immediately we were having a great game. She was 2 years old and just a little faster than me, but not enough that I'd give up.

Had to go have a lie down after that, but not for long. We came upon a black, shaggy JR cross Yorkie called Ruby. Same furious running game for the next 15 minutes. And finally, young mother-and-daughter white JR's Daisy and Miley. It was all go this morning.

It was a very tired, dew-soaked, tongue-lolling Deefski who staggered home for a rest. Dad's off to the allotment to finish his (Autumn!) digging, and Mum is off round Diamond's to help paint a room. A chance for a girl to recover.


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