Saturday, 18 April 2009

(A bit too early for) Bluebells

The first walk of the Friends of Kings Wood Guided Walks fixture list, and Dad's leading, so Haggis and I can come along. Meggie, unfortunately, has to be left behind as she'd never keep up on this 2 mile hike, and the public would not necessarily understand why we had to go so slowly. We salve our consciences by giving her a pet and a dog treat, but she's not 100% convinced! Mum's with her, though, so I expect she snuck a few treats as soon as our backs are turned.

It's a good week too early for the bluebells really, so there is some colour but nothing like the blue blanket that will be there in 1 or 2 weeks time. No way of predicting that though, so when they go to print in their walks programme last October, it's a bit of a gamble. In previous years we've booked May and been too late, and booked April and been either spot on or way, way too early.

No matter, such aesthetic concerns are human-specific. A walk in the woods to Haggis and I, is a treasured treat even without bluebells. It's warm and sunny and there's about a dozen people. We even spot a small group of fallow deer including a white-phase buck. Too far away to be worth chasing, but the humans get a good long look through binoculars.


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