Saturday, 11 April 2009

Open Fields

On the wine label - nuff said - it amused Mum and Dad anyway. Good marketing too, I suppose, in that it amused them enough to make them bring a case back from France last weekend.
The burgeonning greenery is sweet woodruff, growing in the "orchard" at the bottom of the garden. Mum and Dad set this up only last year once we'd decided that ever mixing chickens again with my good self was probably not on, and the old chook-run might as well be converted back to garden.
They searched the "be your own expert" books for shaded woodland plants and came away with a trolley load of pulmonarias, arums, sweet woodruff, foxgloves end others which did OK last year, died back to survive the winter, and are now shooting like there's no tomorrow. Makes for a lovely snuffly rootling around garden for westies - piles of logs for mice, old beech leaves and all sorts.

Big excitement too for Dad when some anonymous swirlings in the main pond catch his eye. Too big to be taddies, and impossible for fish after (we think) we got heron'd and have never seen a fish since, Dad suspects newts. He's always wanted newts as they shout "wildlife gardener" quite loudly, but in 12 years of this pond none have come. We all sit and watch and sure enough it's newts - dozens of them! How come you have none for 12 years and then suddenly we have lots?
Nice walk today. Haggis, Dad and I leave the ol' slow-coach behind, distracted by Mum and some meat, and head off to the Abbey Fields north and east of the allotments. Recently cleared of the extensive scrub of hawthorn, brambles and birch, and "restored" (if such it is) to farmland, there are now a few hedges left, and in between acre upon acre of flattish cultivated and rolled tilth. No shoots or germination yet - just dry crumbled then rolled soil. You can see for miles - and you can chase rabbits for miles too! A dog got quite breathless.
Easter Sunday tomorrow - do dogs get Easter Eggs?
ohhh and the final pic is Greengage blossom (Reine Claude, to be precise), also in the orchard

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Mr Silverwood said...

I like the name on the bottle of wine, it would be enough to make you buy some, hope that it tasted nice.