Saturday, 21 January 2012

5000 Euro and a Breakfast roll

These last few pictures this week, I bring you just for a bit of fun. The Euros just because no-one had seen that much money in one place at one time. These materials suppliers like to be paid in cash and one of them was asking for just under 10,000 Euros, so this was a down payment of the first half. The breakfast roll, ex Supa-Value's hot counter is just the most ridiculous amount of fried meat to try to fit into a baguette - 2 rashers, 3 sausages, 4 slices of black pudding, 4 of white and a hash brown. Yours for about 4 Euro and God Bless your arteries.

Sparks has finished his week at 4 on Friday and we are left alone for the night having to look after the arrival of the Poetic Plumber on Saturday with his JCB. He is contracted by Roscommon County Council to connect us up to the mains, which he manages by very skillful use of the JCB in a couple of hours. In the middle he hits our old branch-line and slices the terminated end off it. There is no problem with water pressure at this point and a fountain quickly fills his trench, the water board man having to lep into the hole in wellies ith a closing device to stem the flow. When they are all done we have water to the house and to one of the outside taps but it's at low pressure pointing to an issue somewhere between the main and the house, possibly in one of the many sub=branches feeding outhouses, cattle drinkers and so on. Poetic will come back with appropriate blokes (at our cost, naturally) and sort us out soon.

And that's it for the week. More soon, when I am less tired.

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