Monday, 30 January 2012

Midnight Joker

We are so impressed by 804 Pete and his work rate, that you'd know that anyone he recommended and vouched for would be as good. Even so, Maurice impressed us. He was the guy we used, on Pete's say so, for laying our floors. He's actually a plasterer mainly (which will be useful in the future) but can do most things. A big 6 foot 3 or so Sligo man with a soft heavily accented voice, he is a real laugh, full of banter and joking.

With the floors all painstakingly prepared and readied for Friday, Dad and Sparks barrow in first some concrete which Maurice levels loosely, then treads down with his feet. They then change to the screed (sand mix, no stones) which is thumped down with a 16 foot long plank, carefully levelled and then smoothed down with a couple of floats. He works carefully but reasonably fast, finishing first the kitchen, then the living room, and finally the dining room, finally smoothing them selves into the front door corner, leaving each floor mirror smooth. It takes from 10 am to about 3pm and we are all very pleased with it. At that point, no-one can now go into the house, so we lock the doors and head away, but the boys fancy gathering up all the scrap we've offered them before they go, so there's some fun and games with the mini digger and the lorry, loading the old diesel tank, some railway lines and some bits of cattle feeder which Pete had found in the brambles he cleared.

We love these guys

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