Monday, 30 January 2012

Apropos of Nothing

A small variety of photo's just for a catch up. On the Thursday morning we woke up to a small amount of snow. We took a few pictures but this was about as Christmas Card as it gets. The picture of a 'pond' is actually a mistake. Having given us mains water on Friday but with curiously low pressure (about half the pressure we'd seen out at the road), we turned up on Monday to this expanding pond outside our wall but running into our run-off channel. It turns out there may have been a cattle drinking trough at that position which had been removed, and the water pipe cut though and buried. Sensible? Dad phoned the water boys on Monday and they showed up very fast, promising to return and fix us in days.

The fix was fast if a little rough and ready - expose the pipe with a mini digger, plug the end and secure the plug with a dodgy bit of wire you found in a handy fence. Re-bury the pipe. Ta daaaa! Full pressure at the house.

The big yellow lorries are the Electricity Supply Board (ESB) coming to turn on the mains power which involved running some new cable from the road and replacing the 'head', the fuse-box in the house and the meter. The kit was 15 years old and "we've moved on a bit since then".

Finally, this is what "shopping" looks like these days. On one day we bought woodworm treatment, a knapsack sprayer and masks for same, bitumen primer and a burner for torch-down felt, buckets and a plaster stirring weapon, yellow 'speed-line' spray-paint, a trowel, float, expanding foam, gloves and PVA (Unibond), steel mesh reinforcing, a tonne of sand and 24 sheets of 4 by 2 polystyrene sheeting.

Proper Man Shopping

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