Monday, 30 January 2012

Show Dogs

Just a couple of pictures of the competition looking very splendid after their professional grooming last week. Lily, the bitch (no offence meant) turns out to have quite a hard coat and grooms up like a proper show dog. Maxwell, the boy proves to have very soft hair with a goodly curl in it so there are dark mutterings about Bichon DNA getting mixed up in there somewhere! There I am, in the middle, doing a romantic back lit bonfire look. I manage to stay reasonably clean for most of the week but then go to some mystery place where in seconds my back gets lathered with black oily stuff, possibly sump oil. This friday that led to Mrs Silverwood taking one look at me and getting that shampoo look in her eye. I was barely in the door than I was wrangled into the sink / shower for the hair wash of my life. Mind you, Haggis, Coco and Maxwell got it too. The theory is that with Mum and Dad away much of this week in England, I might actually stay clean for a few days.


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