Sunday, 1 January 2012

An Interesting Year Ends

20 past 9 on New Year's Morning and only we dogs, Dad and Young M Silverwood (5) are up. We finished the year in good form. M has a new bike since Christmas and is keen to get out there beyond the bounds of the estate where he's allowed to ride about without a grown-up, out into the town and surrounds. Mrs S has a grown-up bike with a trailer for Little R (4) for school runs when there is no car available, so Dad agrees to take the bike trailer with R and with M on his own bike for a ride to get them some fresh air. They are going to repeat this today, going even further afield.

The rest of the day is just the normal comings and goings of family life, subdued by the fact that the two older girls and a friend had done a sleep over and stayed awake most of the night anyway, so there was to be a bit of recovering and catching up on sleep ready for tonight's midnight. Popular opinion has it that none of the children would manage to go the distance. There's a meal of roast chicken and a big rice salad. At that point little R is definitely flagging, so she's the first casualty, but M is still whizzing and the girls are keen for us to see the recorded Doctor Who Christmas Special, which we do, and the final Harry Potter.

Mrs S says that M is whizzing because in his head he knows that the moment he settles down, sleep will engulf him. His Dad does a bit of Play-Doh with him and he gets involved in producing hot snacks at about 11. Fair play to him, though, he's there shouting the count-down seconds along with us and races outside to do sparklers on the front lawn and hear any fireworks that do manage to go off in these cash-strapped times. He's very quickly to bed after that (but awake again by 08:30 as I said) while the rest of us sit out the remaining 45 minutes of Harry Potter.

So now it' 2012 and we have a very different year in prospect for us, sorting out the new house and the new life over here in Ireland. I wish all my Readers a Happy and Prosperous New Year.


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