Monday, 30 January 2012

804 Pete, One in a Million

We Love 804 Pete! A brilliant bloke, a good worker and a genius with a mini digger, who also comes in very useful as he knows everybody round the new house who will be of interest, including Maurice the Midnight Joker, of whom more later. Pete arrived on the scene first as just the delivery driver for our first load of the '804' crushed stone sub-base. We'd ordered it through Sparks's supplier in Dublin but he'd got hold of a local firm to actually find and deliver it. We got talking and showed Pete round the house just out of curiosity, but it turned out he had a whacker plate we might want to borrow, and a mini digger he could see some jobs for around the place. a 'no-bolt' scaffold we might need when doing joists, a cheaper source of 804 if we needed any more (cut out the middle man) and that he knew a bloke who'd be very good at setting the new concrete floors and was also a good plasterer.

We have taken him up now on a good few of these offers and he is as good as his word and very favourably priced on all of them. He is an unstoppable hard worker and very skilled with the mini digger. Mum is actually calling him an 'angel' at this stage and suggesting him for beatification. He has delivered us more 804 as well as concrete and plastering sand. He has used his mini digger to spread more 804 into holes in the drive and to scrape the 15 years accumulation of pine needles and cow poo from drive, cattle yard and 'the bit round the side'. He had cleared bramble patches and opened up the drainage ditch from the yard. He has loaded our 20-odd tonne rocks and clay pile onto his lorry and taken it away and come back for the plaster-board mountain. The digger becomes like a living thing in his hands, smacking stuff hard where it needs it and gently brushing and kissing bits out of the way or smoothing them flat if that's the requirement. It's an impressive display of digger dexterity. He works really hard too - there's no stopping him. What can I do next?


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