Monday, 30 January 2012

Preparing Floors

Some pictures of the various stages of preparing the floors for the final concrete. They are in no particular order. First is Dad using the whacker plate to whack down the 2nd 4 inches of 804. Another shows Sparks finding a level in the 804 using his laser level and a piece of hi-tech string. There is actually a gentle fall of about 2 inches front door to back wall. We have kept this rather than introduce a silly 2 inch step out of the kitchen. There are a couple too of the 6 inch thick insulated sheets which sit on a level of blinding sand on top of the 804, with the damp proof course in between. The DPC is also 'radon proof' as they all get a bit excited about radon gas leaking through your floors and giving you cancer. If it's coming out of the ground, we can't see why it isn't also in the garden and will get us where there's no DPC, but hey, when in Rome.


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