Saturday 3 January 2009


As you know, we're all off to The Groomer today to get turned into posh dogs, so (inevitably) here are the "before" photo's to show you just how "shaggy and minging" (Mum's words) we are. Natch, we see ourselves as warm and comfy, but we have to admit to a bit of curiosity to see what a job The Groomer makes of us.
We're all very different, as Dad knows, to work on. Haggis's hair is so fine and dense that only the best, sharpest clippers will not grind to a halt, and his trimmed fur is as smooth and dense as suede or felt. Megan has a much coarser coat, and the nearest of any of us to the proper pedigree "double coat" - fine warm soft stuff undernieth and the coarse hard terrier guard hairs poking through. If you trim H to 2mm he is bright white - do that to Meggie and she looks almost bald pink!
Me, I'm silky fine and "blow-away", so Dad's never really been able to get any shape into me, but this Lady's had "The Trainin' " and might be made of sterner stuff. We'll see.
So - there you have us, from the top Haggis looking full face at you and slightly woe-begone, Megan looking round your left shoulder, myself, never gonna stand on the table and get pictured - Dad has to chase me round the garden, and finally just my head (Dad gripping my collar to prevent escape!).
Meanwhile, it occurs to Mum and Dad that today is the first time they've both been together indoors without us for about 12 and a half years! They tell me they missed having us under foot all day, looking pleading whenever they went to the fridge, following them from room to room, trying to trip them on the stairs, demanding a lap as soon as one of them sat down......
Can you believe that?

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