Wednesday 28 January 2009

He's Back !!!

Just for fun a couple of pics of a bit of successful growing - an Unwins indoor mushroom growing kit Dad got for Christmas, now pushing out resonably sized cups, very fresh, firm and tasty. Can you have food-feet instead of food miles? These walk just about 10 paces from cut to kitchen!

He's Back! Last night, any thoughts Mum and Dad had that my deterrent scamperings round the loft, and Dad's shoring up holes with expanding foam and weldmesh would stop Cyril the Squirrel were blown away by the sounds of squirrels line-dancing upstairs. Probably only one in fact (though one squirrel can manage to sound like a soccer squad on a boarded out loft space.

Plan-B. We still have, in the shed, a live-trap Dad used to use for r*ts when they (I wasn't born yet) first had chooks. I gather that Meggie became much more effective at despatching r*ts than the trap was at ever catching them, so "we" soon changed from dropping them off at the top of Detling Hill, alive and kicking, on Dad's way to work (15 miles from here!), to quietly disposing of chewed, skeletally challenged... um... corpses.

This device is now baited with cheese and peanut butter, and set up in the loft space. It will, of course, be checked regularly, but we are hoping we can export yet more livestock in the direction of Detling. Mum and Dad will be lying in bed tonight waiting for the loud and metallic "Ker-choingggg!" the thing makes when sprung.

Megan and I were. of course, given another carry up the ladder and a chance to run around in the loft, sniffing under and behind boxes just in case Cyril was in residence. He was long gone!

What fun!


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