Monday 19 January 2009

Toy of the Month

First a nice pic of the stream running through the Abbey Fields. That's me down on the right bank. Dad is standing on the flat concrete bridge to take the pic. It's a walk we do quite often, and in the Summer we nip down a little earth "slip-way" for a wade. It's a good stream for water cress as it's so clean.
The disreputable ball thing in the 2nd pic is current favourite toy. I spend hours chasing it when it's thrown about by Dad, take it to my bed, and get so distracted when it's taken off me that I can't concentrate on supper and Megan steals my food. I think it was once roughly spherical, but it's previous owner has chewed one of its three rings off, so I'm left with an axle bit and 2 rings. It's all stipply, so it's presumably mainly for teeth cleaning.
All the best

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