Thursday 1 January 2009

Happy New Alfie

The humans are all a bit jaded today, so there's a lot of sitting around watching rubbish on TV, and not a lot of inspired leppin' about. We do, however, get taken on a reasonable walk all around the cemetary and back via there Rec, where we meet 12 week old Staffie, "Alfie" out for only his 2nd walk in the outside world.

As always, we have a good but gentle romp. He's up for it but very soppy and gangly, unco-ordinated in that pup way of a boy who's only been able to use his legs for about 5 weeks so far! It is always good to see new owners letting their pups socialise like this, off the lead and enjoying the outside world. If we can help with that, then we are delighted.

We meet, too, sis Ellie, as always immaculate and groomed looking. Ha! Come back Saturday, when we've all been done by "The Groomer". We will knock spots off you, Ells. Soon, Mollie, young Rottie owned by son of Ellie's owners shows up too, and we all get a good chase about, but by now it's all a bit more boisterous. We gather that Ellie's Mum is a tad "tired and emotional" having karaoke'd last night away. Whoops.

Ah well, welcome to 2009, and a Happy New Year


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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Deefer

Mr Silverwood