Saturday 10 January 2009

Ice Plant

A couple more shots illustrating how cooooold it is. The temperature all day never gets above zero. The first pic is a group of frosty birches in Challock Forest, which we pass en route a shopping errand to Canterbury for (Yay!!!) 4 x 24-pack dog meat tins and a replacement yellow plastic, hollow centred frisbee. The third of my career!.

The second pic is just an old seed head of a sedum ("ice-plant" - how appropriate!) in the garden.

Tonight, thankfully, we're away from all that. Dad has lit a nice coal fire and we're all curled up or stretched out in front of it in the warm, while Mum and Dad are chillin' in best Saturday afternoon tradition. Mum's been to a day-school as part of her Open University course. All about finance, her head is spinning with accruals, pre-payments, P+L accounts, cash flow statements. "It's like a foreign language!", she protests.


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Anonymous said...

It looks as cold as it feels over here.

Mr Silverwood