Saturday 17 January 2009

On my List.....

Dad is concerned at power loss (hah!) in the 2CV so we're off to Llew's workshop this morning to get new points and plugs for "Clara Bow" (why do all 2CV owners name their cars?). Clara Bow, for those who don't know, was the original "it" girl, star of 20's silent films and famous party-going hedonist. Remember those honky-tonk piano backed flickery films where a girl gets tied to the railway lines and rescued at the last minute. That was probably her!

We agree to meet Llew at his house , then take him out to (Kent village) Beltinge to collect another customer's plums-and-custard 2CV, before Dad and Llew drive in a 2 2CV convoy through what's gonna sound like a list of Kent villages - Hillborough - Highstead - Chislet - Upstreet - Grove Ferry - Preston - Elmstone - Hoaden.

Finally we arrive at Llew's workshop, which is part of a farm / glass house complex, where we are let out to scurry about for 2 hours amongst the buildings, junk, old oil tanks, shed and green houses chasing a variety of what is gonna sound like another list - possible Terrier prey animals - while Llew and Dad fix up the car.

Chooks (but mind that Rooster - he's a magnificent boy and belongs to "Polish Dave" and he don' back down for no-one. A girl could get her nose seriously pecked by that fella - better to divert off into the greenhouse and pretend that's where you were going anyway), mice, rats, rabbits and blackbirds. Also the occasional creaking wind-blown tree that sounds like a chicken. Anyone can make a mistake.........

We head back to Llew's house where Rosie, tufty-headed Jack Russell is a bit grumpy about her kitchen being invaded by we three un-invited guests. Remind you of anyone?

Now we're back here and while Mum and Dad enjoy a nice Rioja, we all watch a brilliant DVD called "Reeling in the 80's " - a collection of news footage, music related items and comment from Irish TV station RTE1 (Mum is Irish, and this was a Christmas Present) we all chill out on the sofa. A big ol' free range organic chook has been spatch-cocked (so that we could have the spine raw) and is roasting and French bread is chopped up awaiting it, some salad and roasted vegs for supper.......

Have a great weekend

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