Sunday 24 July 2011

Back to the Allotment

Back to more prosaic stuff today after all the excitement of watching the Thames Barge Match yesterday. Mum is away at Mazy-Lou's in Richmond (where, unfortunately, M-L comes down with a stomach bug which rather puts a damper on the proceedings). Dad gets up at 0630, wondering if he'll ever lose the early-bird work-ethic, and takes us for an early walk out past the allotments. This mainly to check on the state of play, none of us have been up there since before narrow boating and we fear it may be a jungle. In fact it's not too bad, but badly in need of a mow. The weeds in the onion and spud areas are all annuals, so a few hours on hands and knees will sort them out.

Dad takes off after breakfast to start this attack. One man went to mow. He is determined to do a couple of hours early every morning now that the decorating is (nearly) done till the plot is brought back under control. Neighbouring plot holders suggest he is mad as he will be leaving it soon as part of Project Erroll, but he prefers to hand it back in a fit state and is also eye-ing up the big fat onions and the healthy potato foliage with an eye to getting some crop off it before he hands it in.


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