Saturday 30 July 2011

New Improved Clara

2CV Llew shows up at 10 with the Boris, Rosie and the 2CV which he's been re-fettling ready for her 'brand new life' under Project Erroll. He has done loads of repairing around the scuttle vent including a new vent flap and an anti-insect mesh (something she's never had before), 2 new rear doors (the old ones had sagged beyond the point where they'd 'strike' correctly) and a new rear body section below the bootlid. Ex factory they have a multi-layer 'box' section here which rusts badly. Llew chops this out and replaces it with a single angled strip which gets painted in inner and outer side so there's nowhere for the water to get trapped. Clara also gets a re-upholstered driver seat and an MOT. The feeling is she is now fit to go.

Dad then introduces 9 month old pup, Boris to the delicate art of having your hair cut. He's a bit phased by this and wriggles mightily to start with so progress is slow, but eventually he seems to realise no-one os actually trying to harm him (and it's not a game) and he's actually better with the clippers than the scissors. Within the hour he is changed from a scruffy and portly-looking adolescent reminiscent of a white 'Dougal' from Magic Round-about, to a handsome and trim white westie shaped dog similar in size to me, with a felty coat and a nice shaped head.

Mum and Diamond head off to Brighton to visit a mutual friend in hospital, who's had a minor stroke, while Dad, Llew, Boris and Rosie head for Llew's workshop where a) Llew has left his car and b) the guys need to move a boat. Dad then returns in the 2CV and we get our walk round the Cemetery and the Rec. Dad nips off for a bit of shopping and then the rest of the day is spent mooching around here. Dad creates a big chilli-con-carne for the girls when they return which might be quite late from Brighton.

Have a good weekend


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Mr Silverwood said...

So Clara is good to go, cool, by the way who are the pup pictures of?