Monday 25 July 2011

Thanks Terry

Dad collects a small dent in the side of the C4, thanks to "posh bloke" in Peugeot 406 coupe who obviously needs more practise parking. Posh bloke was looking like not reporting this and seemed to have his eye on some kind of cash transaction to make it go away. Dad is having none of it as the terms of his 'lease' involve the main dealer doing the repair and the associated insurance company being fairly feirce but it all works out Ok in the end. Posh bloke does notify his insurer and claims responsibility, so dealer waives Dad's excess and all is sweetness and light. This is handy given that C4 will likely get chopped in as part of Project Erroll.

Talking of which, a mountain of paperwork arrives from the conveyancing legal beagles, and Mum and Dad have to sign away in detail what's included in the sale. How many people seriously decamp with their loft insulation bagged up under their arm? They even had to sign they were taking Albert who is legally a 'garden ornament' (HA! ROFLMAO! as we teenagers have it*). Mum and Dad must also prove they are not money launderers, although quite how you'd launder the profits of a highly visible house sale into a more legal format, I know not. Perhaps we all have too innocent a mind to think up anything so devious.

Meanwhile we are up at the allotment weeding yet more onion patch today and we meet up with all those folks who we never used to see when Dad was in full time employ, John G and the rather portly "Maxie" for one, Dave P and his scruffy terrier, Drayman Nick and the new plot holder who lives on a boat in the Iron Wharf who Dad can not currently remember the name of.


*Rolling on floor laughing my a** off

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