Wednesday 20 July 2011

Under Offer

The estate agent contacts us and let us know that we have received an offer. Not as much as we would have liked but that is currently the state of play, so Mum and Dad decide to accept the bid. Project Erroll can now move on a-pace as the legal beagles do their stuff, searches and so on. We are not 100% certain which of the many viewers made the offer but we think it was a nice young couple; him a mad keen fan of American football but a less unsuccessful player of same so that they arrived with him with leg just out of plaster and walking on crutches. I had to shout at the crutches, which got me wrangled out of harm's way; upsetting of viewers is frowned upon.

As you can imagine, this limited his ability to see round the loft and garden bits, for example but the young lady was delighted with all she saw and was also able to convince him that the garden, currently choc-a-bloc with verdant burgeoning plant life was actually reasonably low maintenance as they were "all perennials". It sounds like one or the other also have serious-gardener parents so there should be no shortage of advice and help. Being a bloke, he also loved the shed with new roof and power, currently full of bloke-ish kit like mower, rotovator, tools, etc.

Even though the place is now effectively off the market, Mum and Dad are proceeding with the interrupted (ha!) decorating, so Dad had at the top of his to-do list today, to strip the wallpaper off the Panini room (yes, that same room which was created in November 2009 by knocking the kitchen through into the dining room and which has not been decorated since!). Natch, this meant the removal off all 'stuff' and the taking down of shelves and picture hooks etc, so we now have another small pile of packed goodies (mainly books) but our worries that tonight's viewers might wince at the state of the place are solved, our estate agent has cancelled them now that we are under offer.


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I didn't jump I was Pushed someone on that trip was out to get me and Haggis...........