Friday 22 July 2011


Here are a couple of pics of we two dogs and Maxwell, both from the recent holiday. In the top one we are all waiting outside a delicatessen called "Say Cheese" in Stalybridge while Mum buys some superb cheeses, meats and something called "Duck Balls" (which turn out to be a duck based meat loaf which you can slice into salad or base a delicious pasta sauce on). That's H having a lie down, me facing the camera centre and Max to the right.

In the other picture we are all three indulging in a doggie bundle which was quite a common form of riot on the boat. This is, I think, me coming off worst (left) while the H is wrestling me and Max is behind, trying to get involved. The H loved the extra attention he was getting from Max (Didn't he just!) and seemed to be rejuvenated like when Boris came to stay. There's life in the old boy yet.

We have both parents at home at present, Dad doing some decorating and Mum resting and elevating a poorly leg (nasty insect bites which blistered up rather gruesomely). Dad is applying top coat emulsion to walls and de-snagging various bits of worktop and plumbing. Those of you who also read Dad's barge-blog on will know of the red-toned grey barge undercoat which was known affectionately known by the painting volunteers as "Rosie Glow". They all joked that it was such a good colour and so evocative of barge hulls that they'd use it on their houses. At one point during the decorating here Mum came downstairs, poked her head in rather nervously and joked "Thank Heavens for That - you are using the pale lemon... I was worried you'd be slapping on Rosie Glow!"

The Deefs

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Mr Silverwood said...

Your dad should have put on some rosy glow just for a laugh to see your mums face...