Friday 1 July 2011

Out on the Cambria

So. How does Dad decide to spend his first day of leisure? On the Cambria, of course! He's down there with mate Dave B today as it is a bit of an "all hands on deck" last few days preparing the barge for her first session of chartering, which she needs to do to get some money pouring back into the coffers after all the (£1.4m) spend restoring her.

This is a sail training session for disadvantaged yoofs, a character building experience for them with a bit of hard physical work involved. That, in theory, is Monday. The barge, in fact, still looks like a building site in the last panic stricken hours before the house buyers turn up. Dad and Dave are helping by dragging lots of no-longer needed tools and hydraulic jacking equipment up out of the hold / "classroom" to stash them in one of the sheds. This earns them a cup of coffee from the Project Manager, William Collard, and permission to stay on board while the barge is towed out of her moorings, taken a few hundred yards upstream, and then turned round so that she can leave for her charter in a more dignified bow-first direction. So Dad can hardly contain himself - he has technically "been out on Cambria" all be it within the Creek and only for an hour. Never mind, though.

Then the ol' bu***r came back and clippered us to within an inch of our lives. Well, within 5mm of our skin, anyway. We are now very white and super-cool doggies, ready for whatever the next few weeks of heat-wave throws at us.....


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Mr Silverwood said...

Funnily enough, I have just done the same to Maxwell, trying to fix the really bad job that was done on him, think it's going to need to grow a bit before it can be got looking perfect again, but it dosen't look too bad, Coco is looking a lot better for it as well, although not white considering he is a Yorkie.