Thursday 30 June 2011

Albert Green

Well. The great and much anticipated day arrives - Erroll is 'Game On'! Dad says the day was a bit weird and the Errollness has not really sunk in yet. He has spent all day with all the work lot being really nice to him, telling him they'll miss him and the place won't be the same without him and so on.

They had a bit of a whip round and he got loads of cards, with people not really knowing whether to settle on a 'happy retirement' card, a 'sorry you're leaving' card or just a 'good luck' card with shamrocks etc. There were some nice gifts as well as a very silly one - they had latched onto the fact that this 'project' involved Ireland and probably an increased amount of gardening, so a green gnome had been purchased.

The ladies in Dad's team decided this gnome needed a name and looked a bit like a (naughty) Albert, so he was named Albert Green. He sat on the window sill all day till about 3pm when Dad was looking to escape, where-upon the fire alarms went off and they all had to evacuate to the mustering points. Unbeknownst to Dad, one of the girls had snaffled the gnome and taken him down to Reception, where they had persuaded to Security Guards to produce for the gnome a proper access turnstile card with ID, photo, name and status "colleague".

This they'd fitted into a clip with proper logo'd lanyard and strung it round his neck. They still had him in their clutches when the alarm went off, so they took him down to mustering and made Dad hold him while his name was called out on the fire register. He (Albert) is now on a charge for not having ticked in on the fire register sheet.

Dad had a great hour working his way all round the depot bidding all the various teams farewell in the offices around the site, with many hugs, kisses, good wishes and handshakes. Finally, returning to his own work area he bid that lot adieu and , on exiting, turned round and raised a great cheer and a riot of clapping by saying "OK Here I go, clocking out for the last ever time! A round of applause please!", holding his card to the 'prox-reader' with a flourish.

Now he's home and is believed to be heading into the Jennings "Cocker Hoop" (beer) at a bit of a rate, so I better sign off before he's incapable of helping me type this. Anyway, Mum's doing steak and chips, fizz etc.

It's going to be a blast



Mr Silverwood said...

Well that's it then, so long DHL, I would say it feels very strange not to be there any more, well we will be seeing you all in a few days, not long now, I am on leave myself now as well, yippee.

Anonymous said...

Deefs - tell your Dad best of luck on leaving his job and would he ever reply to his emails so I can find out what Project Errol is all about. If that doesn't happen for whatever reason, tell your Dad and your Mum that I hope it all really goes well for them and you & Haggis. Rona