Sunday 19 June 2011

Parting Gift

Who can remember the story of the Commando Raid through a rainy Dublin, where Mr Silverwood went on a secret assignation to covertly capture an unloved westie pup of unknown name and bring it home to their house? Well, that pup became known as Maxwell as "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" was the song Mr Silverwood was singing as he came in the front door with the pup in a bundle. Well. that pup has lived in interesting times since then, having been at one stage returned to the 'unloving' owner who thought they might like him back but then thought twice.

From there was moved to Steak Lady where it didn't work out because SL's own male pup (a Yorkie) was also growing up big and strong and full of male hormones and the two were starting to fight. Maxwell (by then reverted to the name Charlie as per unloving owner) being rather bigger was starting to bully the Yorkie (sorry, none of us can recall name of same - perhaps Mr S will enlighten us?), so Charlie is now back at Silverwoods and is once again known as Maxwell. We all hope this is now permanent or the poor little mite won't know whether he's coming or going. Anyway, with Boris-Pup returning to his real home tonight as 2CV Llew comes back from his week in France, we'll all miss* him and it'll be good to know that the Silverwoods have a young westie pup for us to beat up as we did with Boris, whenever we chance to meet..... Project Erroll; Bring it On!

* We will all miss Boris except perhaps for Mum whose slipper is depicted here from 10 minutes ago on the landing after Boris got bored waiting for Dad to come back out of the shower. My other picture is, of course, Barge-Dog Kess smiling as she looks over the rather tall port bow rail of SB Cambria. Also the neighbours now we have all just been out for a good shout at long haired Goldie, Alfie who was visiting next door. The Nerve!

Look after yourself


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Mr SIlverwood said...

It's Ramesises (I think that's how you spell it anyway), funny story with the name, as soon as he came "home" Mrs S said come here Maxwel and over he came and sat down next to her, Mr SL looked on agast saying he never came to them, why didn't anyone tell him the name was Maxwell, they have been calling him Charlie which he just ignores, that a boy Maxwell. Well he is here to stay now, he has been moved around too much we think and needs a place to call home, so this is where he is going to stay.