Saturday 11 June 2011

The Boy Settles In

That Boy, Boris, is settling in well. He seems to have adopted me as something to shadow - he follows me everywhere. He turns out to be quite a good playmate, too, all be it, I have to gruff at him at the start of every game to make sure he knows its MY RULES we play to, and I reserve the right to change them at short notice at any time I like.

And in a complete turn-up last night Boris gets one back over on the humans and we are back upstairs to sleep. On his first night, Boris was a bit fed up to be left downstairs but his objections took the form of whimpers and crying which was quite quiet and would not have filtered through to the neighbours (although Jim next door joked with Dad, that he's heard Boris at 02:00). Well, last night Boris brought out the big guns, unleashing a fusilade of peircing, loud and non-stop yapping which half the street must have heard.

Mum and Dad brazened it out for 30 minutes thinking he'd give up, but when he showed no sign of relenting, Mum called on Dad to nip down and open the door. Boris and I sprinted up the stairs (although Haggis stayed put) and into the bed. Dad was not best pleased and threatened me with dire consequences if I even considered reverting to my old habits of pee-ing in the bed, but basically everyone went immediately quiet and we all got a good night's sleep. I suspect that this 'solution' may remain in place till Boris goes back home, but for now we're enjoying a return to communal sleeping.

Dad was off today to watch the start of the Medway Thames Sailing Barge Match as seen from Gillingham Pier, and hence these two pictures taken with the 400mm 'pap' lens. There are lots more where that came from, but we won't bore you with those.


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