Saturday 18 June 2011

Enough Women?

Aside from Mum and myself, he protests, Dad thinks this picture contains his three most favourite women - Clara Bow, Cambria and SB Greta! That should be enough women for any bloke!

Today he's mainly being Treasurer at the Hort Soc Rose and Sweet Pea Show but he's rescued by Mum at Lunchtime and taken to the China Village restaurant for some lunch and (tadaaaa!) turns out to have his painting overalls in his Treasurering bag, so sneaks off to the Cambria for a spot of bulkhead painting. The barge is a-buzz with workers, volunteers and the paid electrician and kitchen fitters all racing to get enough of the boat finished to enable it to sail away and become a charter boat on, apparently, the 3rd of July.

This will be the end of a very nice project for the volunteers who have come together as a very nice community during the painting phase, December 2010 to the present. They are going to be lost and bereft, wandering around the silent Quayside on weekend days, paint brushes in hand, wondering what to paint next, like lost sheep with no shepherd. If you have a boat that needs painting and you can get it to Faversham by July I should moor it up and paint the word "Cambria" on the back. You'll make a dozen wandering lost souls very happy!

Part way through today's painting stint there's a shout to come up on deck - the crew of SB Henry are winching their mast up for the first time in at least 3 years. It's not the newest and shiniest gear on the fleet, so they are taking it very gently. Midway through the task the most enormous black cloud looms over and it starts to bucket down, so Henry's crew and Dad's lot retreat below their various decks and carry on with the tasks in hand.



MR Silverwood said...

IT all seems to be very sad that it will all finish now, oh well, by the way Max is back (for good this time) and says hi, he can not wait to meet you in July.

mazylou said...

You and your wimmin, eh?