Sunday 26 June 2011

Hoppers 2011

Did you miss me? We've been away with Dad to the 2011 version of the annual 2CV club camp organised by the local group of 2CVGB, Kentish Hoppers, at 'our' farm in Preston village, just east of Wingham, near Canterbury. This is a quiet little relaxed camp as these things go, with none of yer wild partying, loud music of heavy drinking, just lots of sitting around in the sun, checking out the Citroen cars which show up, reading, chatting and (for some) plinking away on the ukuleles which seem to be taking over one corner of the site. Lots of chillin'.

We also coincide with the Preston Steam Rally, which is a big meet of traction engines locally, so that campers can, if they wish, walk the 10 minutes across the fields to visit that with all its hoots, whistles and fairground noise, classic cars and bikes, olde agricultural amd military kit, stalls and trade stands, like a mini Kent Show.

We dogs get to drive around in a variety of old 2CVs, including Dad and Andy's "Mademoiselle" car and this bizarre one painted up like a Sebastian Loeb rally C4 (no competition parts - just the paint job!). We sleep with Dad in his little tent and we join in with the chilling out. More on all this though, over the next couple of days. It seems I rolled in a bit too much horse poo and wiped my back down a few too many oily 2CV sumps (I go under them to get out of the sun), so although I did get washed immediately in one of the horse drinkers with just washing up liquid, I am due a proper shampoo.

Byeee.... splosh


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Mr Silverwood said...

You look soo clean in the pics as well, I have just looked over at Max who is currently that dirty grayish after a walk through fields and along the river, oh well, I guess he will have to get a bath as well.