Tuesday 21 June 2011

You're On CCTV

This is Cambria's container down at the Standard Quay. You can't get the Graffiti artists now, can you?

Boris seems to have survived his week with us and is reported to be coping OK without our "help". Needless to say we were reverted back to sleeping downstairs so that Mum and Dad could get some peace at last, and we didn't really mind as we were both tired out too, trying to keep up with the little beggar.

This is Mid Summer's Day, so the last day of the much contested tenancy down at the Quay which has seen most of the shipwrights and marine workers evicted from their workshops, causing much chuntering in the town (but not on the Town Council!). Cambria has managed to remain there, along with our Master Shipwright, but even we are due to sail away on July 3rd, the barge off to become a proper grown-up business chartering and stuff. This will be the end of a lovely project which Dad has thoroughly enjoyed being part of since 2007. It's sad, but also kinda timely what with Project Erroll


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Mr Silverwood said...

It's all very sad for the town and everything, a little bit of history will be gone.