Tuesday 14 June 2011

Curly ends

Tonight the boot is on the other foot and it's me that's 'in the poo'. Dad is glued at present to the TV series "Spring Watch" and that means we are too, as we get a chance to curl up on the sofa 'en famille'. Last night we learned that fox poo can be identified by the fact that it has long tapered curly ends.

Tonight I learned that if you roll in it at the roadside you end up being double-hit shampoo'd in the shower before supper while Boris looks on all smug, amused and superior. No matter, we all got a chunk of the roast lamb bone, Dad hack-sawing the long shank bit in half to make 3 bits for three dogs.

Sorry about the photo, if it is showing as on its side. I have tried over and over to flip it round and it looks OK on the computer but then displays on here at 90 degrees. I will come in again and try to edit it tomorrow unless it sorts itslef out.


1 comment:

Mr Silverwood said...

Any excuse to show off for Borris, you are a shameless hussy Deffer and we can all see through it