Monday 20 June 2011

Bye Bye Boris

After driving 400 miles across France to get home very tired last night, 2CV Llew calls to say he will collect Boris tonight rather than last night. Boris gets another night here and we get another night of being allowed sleep upstairs. Today, though. Llew is back in business and texts Dad to say he'll be here at about 4pm after a visit to our local boating chandlers. He's driving his newly finished 2CV pick-up, which looks like a 2CV front half with a wooden farm-cart bolted on behind.

In an amusing role reversal Dad has to go rescue Llew's 2CV from the chandlers because he has a flat battery. Normally it's Llew rescuing Dad.

We have never seen such an enthusiastic welcome as Boris catching sight of his Dad (Llew) - all that bouncing around on rear feet and tail wagging. Dad was left saying "Ahem... I came home too!". Having left the 2CV running in the street because of the dodgy battery, Llew didn't hang around. He grabbed the dog and dropped off a thank-you bottle of Calva, chatted a short while about how Boris had got on and then headed off, at which point Boris had the good grace to look round and say "Oh... is Deef's Dad not coming too?" as if he might miss his new 'bestest mate after all.

It seems very quiet around here without him nand I expect we'll be confined to Kitchen sleeping once more but it's at least a chance to relax. It's been nice having you to stay, Boris. Look after yourself. We'll miss you.


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Mr Silverwood said...

Cool, at least he enjoyed himself, but sometimes it's just good to go home, as they say, there's no place like home. At least I think Max is thinking that anyway.