Tuesday 28 June 2011


Tonight's post is very strong on the 2CV theme following the camp at the weekend. The grassy picture is taken at the 2CV camp and shows, as regular readers will be aware, Dad's and Andy's 'project car' Mademoiselle, one time twinning gift from La Chapelle d'Armentieres to the N Kent town of Birchington.

Behind Mmle are two kit cars derived from 2CV mechanicals, known as "Pembertons". Although three wheelers, they are based on 2CV running gear and suspension fixed to a 'space-frame' chassis, bodied in sheet aluminium with the engine left mostly exposed at the nose to aid air cooling but also to give the car a 30's Bugatti feel. Dad will verify how much work these guys have to do to build them - the nearer car is owned and was built by one of Dad's mates, Ian, who was one of the four who built Mmle but then sold out his share to buy this kit about 3 years ago - he's been building the Pemberton ever since.

Mind you (says Dad) he is the world's most fussy perfectionist and takes all the time in the world to make sure every pop rivet is exactly aligned and at an exact spacing from its neighbours, and that every widget and grommet is just so. He took Dad out for a blat in it and Dad can also attest to how scary this is, how exposed you feel with no bodywork around you, how exciting the exhaust noise even at 50 and how hot the exhaust is if you lean out like a sidecar rider and rest your elbow on the straight-through tail pipe.

My other picture is, you will also have spotted, one of Dad's and 2CV Pete's 2CVs as seen through a bow fairlead on the good old SB Cambria. More on a possible Cambria development soon.

Day Erroll minus two and counting


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Only one more day left, I have already started my holiday, took a few extra days to get things sorted